Ankit Cse

Apr 27, 2021

2 min read

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Hello Guys 👋

I have attended a workshop based on ShellScripting organised on 24th and 25th April 2021 organised by Linux World.

what I learnt from the workshop a few insights I am sharing with you

👉 Shell Scripting is a kind of tool which helps in automation

👉 Types of Shell are :- ✔ sh ✔ csh ✔ bash

👉 Native Support of every router or switch is shell because shell is Standard

👉 echo is used to print something

👉 echo $x is used to print a variable where $ symbolifies x is a variable

👉 echo $? shows exit code of the command

👉 echo $SHELL shows which type of shell we are using

👉 PATH is a environment variable provided by the shell

👉 @ is used to take multiple arguments in a file

👉 test is a keyword used for comparison of two variables

👉 awk is used for data processing like which is the first column , second column and so on

👉 cat /etc/passwd is a file where we can see all the users

👉 Total count by per ipv4 address is called aggregation

👉 ssh -l ec2-user -i key_pair.pem public_ip to login in some other instance which is on AWS

👉 For copying a file in the instance present on scp -i key_name.pem f user_name@public_ip:/temp