Ankit Cse

Apr 5, 2021

2 min read

My 2 days Journey of AI on AWS with Vimal Sir was amazing as we get to know about a lot of new services related to AI on AWS.

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A few insights are as follows which i get to learn from these 2 days workshop


✔ Amazon Rekognition :- For Image and Video Processing

✔ Amazon Polly :- Converts text to Speech

✔ Image Moderation :- Automatically detects if there is some kind of offensive content

✔ boto3 is a kind of API that helps to contact with AWS

✔ OpenCV-python is one of the library that helps to open camera

✔ Confidence Score is a kind of accuracy or percentage of the feature found by amazon rekognition service

✔ To create a user we have to use IAM service


✔ Amazon Lex which helps us to create chatbots and whatever we speak are termed as utterances

✔ Chatbots also reprompt us for what we are looking from the chatbot for e.g:- what is today’s date etc.

✔ Amazon kendra creates index like a proper table which helps us in searching for our own pdfs , books etc.

✔ Amazon CodeGuru tells us about how we can optimize the code

✔ Amazon transcribe converts speech into text

✔ For compiling the code based on Nodejs we have to install npm

✔ Amazon Comprehend is a service which tells about the sentiments and automatically identifies whatever written in a entity or we can say a paragraph