Ankit Cse

May 10, 2021

1 min read

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Here is my Self reflection of 8 hours of journey with Linux world under Mr. Vimal Daga Sir. Here are some of the insights of the workshop :-

Day 1 :

1.Mongodb is a schemaless database and is flexible document oriented
2. Here terminology is somewhat different in mysql we use tables here we use the term collections which is same as tables.
3. show dbs :- Shows all the internal databases present
4. use lw:- By using this command we can create a database and we can use it also at the same time.
5. show collections :- It shows all the collections present
6. There are 3 ways to interact with mongod

Day 2 :

1. net start mongod :- To start the services if it is not working
2. In mongodb time complexity is known as time execution
3. Indexing is like collecting a random data and then performing sorting
over there with reference to their document
4. To check the number of indexes we can use the command db.collection_name.getindexes()
5. Aggregation