Hello Guys 👋 Yesterday I attended a Expert Session which was organised by Linux World . The Agenda of the Session was Industry Use Cases with Demonstration of Kubernetes .

The Speakers of the Session was :-

👤 Mr. Rushil Sharma

💼 Customer Engineer Hybrid Cloud, Google

👤 Mr. Vijit Kuntal

💼 Consultant, Infosys Belgium

👤 Mr. Neeraj Bhatt

💼 Senior Technical Engineer — OPENSHIFT, RedHat

I am sharing Some insights about What I get to learn from the Sesson :-

  1. CVS refers to centralised version system

2. Git is preferred over CVS because of the following reasons :-

(i) Git is easy to reconcile

(ii) Easy to create branches in git

(iii) CVS works on a file level whereas Git works on a repo/module level

3. Pollers or git features (hooks) can be used to trigger the build after every commit

4. Depends on the version of Jenkins in use , Jenkins job can be created

5. From Commit to build , CQA , Deploy , Test is reduced to minutes

6. Jenkins integeration is needed much for the automation and deployment

7. What SCCS can Control

  1. Whether a pod can run privileged containers
  2. The capabilities that a Container can request

8. Kubernetes is Orchestration of Containers

9. Vanilla Kubernetes is a type of Plane Kubernetes

10. Grafana is a tool by which we can check how much memory is being used during a process going on .

That’s all from my side . Signing off !!!