Here are some insights of the Salesforce Workshop 😊😊

Hello Guys, Ever thought of running a GUI application in a docker container on the top of AWS EC2 instance . I am sure you guys have tried it earlier in Vms in your virtual box or VM ware or any else software you have.

But Guys, many a times we don’t have so much of compute resources so here cloud plays a vital role which helps us to perform work easily without facing any lagging issues while creating a application or when you are performing some task or your office work it can be anything… So, to avoid that and save your time cloud is there you can launch your applications over there without facing any latency or any ram issues which can cause lagging issues in your system .

So, let’s get started with the hand’s on part…. But before starting some prerequisites which you need before doing this task are as follows :-

For installing Docker on AWS EC2 instance you can follow the below document 👇👇👇

To check the version of docker available on your instance you can use the below command 👇👇👇

docker version

Setting up my Sql

docker run --name local-mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=12345 -d mysql:5.7

My 2 days Journey of AI on AWS with Vimal Sir was amazing as we get to know about a lot of new services related to AI on AWS.

What is OpenShift ?

Hello Guys 👋 Yesterday I attended a Expert Session which was organised by Linux World . The Agenda of the Session was Industry Use Cases with Demonstration of Kubernetes .

I am sharing Some insights about What I get to learn from the Sesson :-

Ankit Cse

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